Some examples of empathy statements to align conversations with customers: On social media, it`s really very similar. The best way is to reflect the behavior and language used by the customer. You can also develop empathy on digital channels, but it`s very easy to be misunderstood. “Empathy is different from sympathy. Empathy is the ability to “walk a mile in someone else`s shoes” – while sympathy means feeling and agreeing with the same feelings as the client. A person feels sympathy – but shares empathy. “Did you want the 35 empathy phrases to be in an easy-to-record list?” The best way to empathize with your customers is to show them how to deal with the crisis and let them know you`re in the same boat. In our case, we let our customers know that, just like them, we are a SaaS company and that it would mean a lot to us if our customers did not panic due to the coronavirus pandemic. We showed them how we are handling the situation, what we are doing internally, how we are willing to help them and that no matter what happens, we are there for them. Thanks to this strategy, we have survived the fear of the pandemic almost unscathed. These statements help reassure customers with their sense of urgency.

Here are 18 empathy statements for customer service that can also help build a relationship between customers and agents. If the situation is particularly difficult, you will find other great statements in the following article: 27 positive statements about use in difficult situations However, it is not so easy to show empathy in customer service. Each situation requires different forms of empathy in customer service. First of all, you can`t look robotic. Nor can they seem strict and imposing. In some situations, you may need to apologize. While you cannot be subject to others. It all depends on the type of customer who turns to you. But maintaining a polite and positive tone and being patient broadens empathy. There are a variety of phrases and statements of empathy in the business world. These are some of the most exquisite cited by industry experts. Understanding and using the right statements of empathy in customer service can have a profound impact on the customer experience and influence conversion rates, earnings and more.

Telling customers that they say they are absolutely right shows respect and empathy for their opinions. It also indicates that you are taking into account your customer`s difficult situation. Agents use statements of empathy in the call center to reassure angry, irritated, or dissatisfied customers. The first step to empathy is to put yourself in the customer`s shoes. The next step is to patiently listen to the views or interests of the prospect or customer. Conveying a sense of immediacy with the right phrases is just as important to businesses as customer demand. These statements of empathy are more important for angry customers. Agents can use the right words and reduce customer anger. One of the best ways to use empathy statements is to share their own experiences with customers.

Sharing such things with customers indicates that not only him, but many are facing such a problem. Practice makes perfect with the way we speak and express. While practicing empathy should be a daily priority, it can be difficult for some agents to master it. For those who struggle to empathize naturally, learning empathetic statements and using them in customer service interactions can make all the difference. Ultimately, personalized customer service ensures happier customers. And one of the strongest ways to build that trust is to empathize with your customers. “The best way to empathize is to be solution-oriented and stop at nothing until you solve a customer`s problem. Avoid using negatively charged words like not doing, not wanting, or not being able to. If there`s a problem, it`s up to you, as a company, to find a way to solve it.

As soon as you tell a customer that you can`t solve their problem, they turn to another service or product provider. More than that, if you go the extra mile to solve a customer`s problem, you show that you care about them and appreciate them. Appreciation and gratitude can go a long way in showing empathy for the client. Whether it`s when needed or in smaller questions about your product or service, empathy solves half the problem. “Depending on what works for us*, show empathy by asking the right questions. * One of the most important questions that customer service teams need to keep in mind when talking to a customer is how to manage social distancing. How can we help you improve the current situation? How is your business doing and have you managed to sell during this time? When you align your statements with your customers, they open a detailed explanation. It helps you better understand your customers` situation and serve them better. Statements of empathy are important to adequately clarify the situation with a client without ousting or frustrating them because of repetition. Here are some examples to help you: By confirming that you would feel the same way, you create a sense of agreement. Not only does this show empathy for the customer`s fate, but it also assures them that their feelings are understandable. Reminding customers of the company`s always willing support for them helps to conclude with a sustainable empathetic approach, and the use of the word “we” sums up the collaborative culture on which empathy is based.